About Us

Students analyzing data in the early 90s.

Students analyzing data in the early 90s.

Our Story

Established in 1989, CRESO is supported by the US Department of Energy (DOE), Anderson County Schools, Oak Ridge Schools, the University of Tennessee Forest Resources Research & Education Center, and the Environmental Sciences Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Research focuses on inventory and long-term monitoring of the population status and activity patterns of selected species in Anderson County, TN. Examples include bird banding of breeding migrants, dynamics of canopy gaps, radiotelemetry of snakes and turtles, monitoring of terrestrial and aquatic amphibians, and using trained "turtle dogs" for determining population densities and age structure of the eastern box turtle, the TN state reptile.


Our Board

The CRESO Board consists of:

Tracey Beckendorf-Edou (Chair)

  • Eric Snider (Vice Chair)

    Elizabeth McFall (Secretary/Treasurer)

    Kevin Hoyt

    Steve Potter

    Denise Wilburn

    Balin Allred

    Josh Anderson

    James Woodard

CRESO Bylaws (PDF)

CRESO Board Minutes- May 2019


Our Staff

The CRESO staff consists of community members, educators, and researchers. CRESO staff provide support for our students as they develop their projects. Often they serve as the Lead learner as we develop new projects, protocols, or data analysis techniques.