Staff Training

CRESO would not be possible without the numerous individuals who over the years have given of their time to training the CRESO staff in the most technologically advanced research techniques.  Listed below are a few of the workshops that have been given to our staff.


  • George Heinrich: Natural History Workshop - Reptiles, Amphibians, Carnivorous Plants, and Habitat Types, Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve, Apalachicola, FL.; Sessions included identification, species diversity, fire ecology, and conservation issues (June, 2003)  
  • Joy O'Keefe from Touchstone Energy Corp., Kentucky: GPS/GIS Workshop - free one day workshop introduction to software called Animal Analysis for ArcView making it easier to create files and download digital data for making maps to document species inventory and home ranges (June, 2003)

  • Robert & Andrea English from LEAPS:  GPS/GIS Workshop - creating files and downloading digital data for making maps to document species inventory and home ranges (July, 2002)

  • John Byrd:  Smoky Mountain Field School - partnership with GSMNP; amphibian "field trip" in the park; identification and natural history (July, 2002)

  • George Heinrich:  Apalachicola, FL field trip: included gopher tortoises and their associated upland ecosystems, Florida's riverine turtles, basic identification of Florida's non-marine turtles, longleaf pine habitat restoration project, search for Barbour's map turtles, explore gopher tortoise habitat and survey methods, natural history and conservation of diamondback terrapins (June 23 - 28, 2002)

  • Pat Wurth from Roane State Community College:  3-day workshop on GIS - An Introduction to ArcView at Roane State Community College (January, 2002) Leanne Jenkins Bowin:  Using EXCEL for data management and to generate graphs for reports, presentations (2001)

  • George Heinrich:  Use of roadkill specimens as an ecological survey technique (2001)

  • Kathy Strunk: Using data loggers with computers (2001) 

  • Robert & Andrea English: Producing sound libraries (2001)

  • Josh Long and Mitchell Boles:  GPS/GIS (2001)